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Saving on Home Energy Cost - Essay Example

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A home energy audit, also called home energy assessment is assessing how much energy is consumed in a home and determining various recommendations which can ensure the home is more energy efficient. The audit helps owners identify problems that if when fixed, may help reduce…
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Saving on Home Energy Cost
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Download file to see previous pages the different ways in which energy is utilised in my home such as through heating and electrical equipment, thermostat, laundry, dish washer, shower, laptops, phones and other rechargeable items, television, furnace, kitchen appliances, lighting, and others.
This was followed by a very detailed and thorough audit to determine ways in which the home could cut on energy consumption and eventually save on costs in the range of 10-25% and even more. This was conducted by checking for air leaks such as carbon monoxide around the walls, ceilings, windows, doors, light and plumbing fixtures, switches and electrical outlets. In addition, moisture levels were assessed, combustion and electrical equipment checked and insulations examined.
These were followed by inspecting the furnace and ductwork, performing a blower door test to help determine the home’s air tightness, using an infrared camera to help gauge from where the house was losing energy, carrying out thermographic inspections to detect thermal defects and examining air leakage in the building with a PFT air infiltration measurement technique to facilitate the summing-up of a rampant audit process and provide more information about air leakage and energy loss. A personal walk around residence was also done to analyse the energy consumption and come up with solutions for saving on costs.
As a result of the extensive audit, a plethora of solutions that would ensure the home saved on energy costs were observed and recommended. Such tips included replacement of some faulty HVAC equipment and combustion appliances and regular checkup of such to ensure their proper operation. If an appliance was not functioning as it should, upon inspection, immediate repair and maintenance according to the manufacturer’s manual is recommended. Conversely, that appliance may be discarded and new well-functioning one purchased in its stead.
There was also the need to do away with unnecessary wirings around the house and switching ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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