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The Impact of Fruit Juices on the Dental Erosion in Human Tooth Enamel - Research Paper Example

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The Impact of Fruit Juices on the Dental Erosion in Human Tooth Enamel Abstract Dental erosion or enamel erosion is a common health problem. Several studies have been conducted to evaluate the cause, progression, detection and management of dental erosion…
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The Impact of Fruit Juices on the Dental Erosion in Human Tooth Enamel
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Extract of sample "The Impact of Fruit Juices on the Dental Erosion in Human Tooth Enamel"

Download file to see previous pages This literature review explores the impact of fruit juices on dental health as well as the factors causing dental erosion. It also explores various investigations which are helpful in the detection and prediction of dental erosion. Considering the issue to be of paramount significance the present study has been carried out. Objectives: Human tooth is composed of minerals, organic matter as well as water with variation in the thickness, blood and nerve supply; therefore an irreversible alteration of mineralization is frequent. Consumption of soft drinks directly influences enamel of the teeth. The present study is conducted to review various factors which play an imperative role in dental erosion and the techniques for investigating the erosion of enamel. Methodology: Direct and indirect methods were adopted to study the dental erosion. Measurement of weight loss was performed with/ without stirring with magnetic rods, up to 300 revolutions per minute. Further micro-indentation, nano-indentation, profilometry, micro-radiography, chemical analysis techniques were adopted followed by microscopy. Result: Dental erosion examined with three fruit juices namely lemon, orange and apple, shows that prolonged consumption of orange juice leads to more severe dental erosion in babies as compared to adults. Conclusion: Phosphoric acid, hydrochloric acid, citric acid, malic acid and tartaric acid present in the fruit juices alter the pH of the enamel leading to its erosion. Fruit juices are known to cause chelation with calcium further, contributing to dental erosion. Aim of the project This project aims to find the impact of one such consumable substance i.e. fruit juice on teeth enamel and dentine of both children and adults. Also, this project provides background information of human teeth and information about dental erosion including the factors which affect erosion. In addition, this project reviews of techniques for investigating the erosion of enamel. The anatomical composition of the human tooth varies throughout the length. This variation is attributed to the difference in thickness of enamel and presence or absence of dentin, thickest enamel at the cusp and thinnest at the borders, moreover, borders also lack dentin, blood and nerve supply. Consumption of soft drinks directly influences enamel at the borders of teeth. It is imperative to understand the factors contributing to the dental erosion in adults as well as in babies. With this motive, the present study was carried out utilizing various modern techniques for investigation to safeguard individuals form witnessing dental erosions. Discussion Dental anatomy plays a vital role in making the enamel prone to the dental erosion due to consumption of food items rich in acidic components. Under normal pH bacteria proliferate if the microbes get adhered to the leftover food particles leading to the formation of dental carries or cavities (Touger-Decker, 2003). On the other hand, eating large quantities of fruits on a regular basis also result in irreversible loss of tooth constitution due to their dissolution by organic acids present in the fruit juices. A chemical reaction occurs between the enamel of the teeth and the organic acids present in the fruit juices resulting in the dental erosion or the acid erosion and therefore it is one of the major dental health concern (U. S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2007). A ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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