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The Intellectual Heritage: Marx, Weber and Freud - Assignment Example

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In the report “The Intellectual Heritage: Marx, Weber, and Freud” the author analyzes theories in our dynamic world which tries to explain the social and cultural circumstances of time hence improve how individuals think and understand life in organizations or elsewhere…
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The Intellectual Heritage: Marx, Weber and Freud
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Extract of sample "The Intellectual Heritage: Marx, Weber and Freud"

Download file to see previous pages Therefore, the social theory is important in unmasking the false appearance which is a result of a present hence allows expanding freedom in the future. Hegel used a dialectical approach which sees ideas as being produced in a continuous process of conflict and conciliation. The understanding of Hegel’s dialectical process helped Marx to easily connect with the historical analysis of economic organization which is the basic forces of production. Connectively, according to Marx all production systems entail establishing a set of social relationship which is given the responsibility of exchanging goods and services (Giddens, 1947).
Marx explains that when the task of production is divided among various works in an organization, the works then start to specialize which creates the basis of a relationship. With job specialization, there is a high chance of a surplus of mass production.  However, where small groups, individuals or corporate structures hold property the spirit of communalism is withdrawn. Marx notes that the modern corporation should be more focus on profit maximization rather than societal contribution. In every society and individual, the development of an independent understanding of the world is mainly influenced by the economic and social circumstances. Connectively, those who influence the means of production have an influence over the dissemination of knowledge in the society where they may seem to direct the society’s consciousness.
In capitalist societies the inherent tendencies which lead to a transition to a socialist society.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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