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St. Anselm’s claims that God exists because people are thought about Him and have been talking about Him for many generations now. It may be absurd to think about this but that is St’ Anselm’s argument. That the fact that God has been in the minds of people for many…
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Existence of God
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Download file to see previous pages This proposition, while it makes some sense, can be questioned in terms of its physical evidence.
2. One cannot put soil in a container and expect it to someday become a house in the future. If no one or nothing does something to it to form another thing, it will remain to be soil. This is what St. Aquinas tries to prove in his argument; that things cannot be without things and movers. For a thing to come into existence; there should be crude materials from which it should be made from. In addition, there should be a maker who has to work on the materials. From this perspective, St. Aquinas proves that God exists claiming that if nothing existed before, then nothing should exist now but since we and the things around us exist, there must be someone who made all things. Again the problem with logical explanations is the absence or lack of physical explanation.
3. The problem of evil as J. L. Mackie explains is rather a necessity than a problem. He goes on to cite Job in the bible as an example. Although he was a good man, Job suffered many evils which cannot be said to be the consequences of his actions. Instead, as Eliphaz points out, “man is born to trouble”. Mackie claims that evil was necessary for God to test Job’s faithfulness and goodness and therefore, decide on his eternal destination, heaven or hell. However, this could be difficult to explain the just nature or God as the bible claims because as it is understood, justice is having the sinner punished and the good man rewarded.
4. If a man evolves into a bat, he still would not know how it is like to be a bat. This is what Thomas Nagel believes who claims that none of us can ever know how it is to be like a bat. He says this because he believes that knowing is experiencing. Knowing is a process gained from experience and so the transformed bat mentioned earlier cannot really know how it is to be a bat. His experience from being a bat does not suffice to make him know because he lacks the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“Existence of God Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/philosophy/1682808-existence-of-god.
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