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Evaluate Merleau-Ponty's account in The World of Perception of the relation of human beings both to each other and other animals - Essay Example

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The psychological concept influences the relationship between humans and animals. In his book, The World of Perception, Maurice Merleau-Ponty discusses the nature of the relationship among humans and the relationship between…
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Evaluate Merleau-Pontys account in The World of Perception of the relation of human beings both to each other and other animals
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Extract of sample "Evaluate Merleau-Ponty's account in The World of Perception of the relation of human beings both to each other and other animals"

Download file to see previous pages Humans interact with other animals differently depending on the value of the other animals. The nature of the relationship both among humans and with other animals is structured with the view of sustaining the life of humanity.
As social organisms, humans live in effectively constructed societies with a set of laws that govern the nature of the relationship among humans. The need for procreation and sustenance of life is a fundamental feature that influences both the nature of the relationship among humans. Among the basic relationship among humans is the family an institution that guarantees both companionship and the sustenance of life. However, for the development of effective societies humans require peaceful correlation among each other a feature that influences the development of governments. Social contract theorists explain that the need for peaceful coexistence in societies influence the formation of governments through democratic governments to govern for specific periods. Among the basic objective of the governments is to maintain law and order besides safeguarding the rights and privileges of the people.
While the creation of governments is an effective way of ensuring orderliness of the societies thus guaranteeing freedom and safety of every individual in a society, it portrays the inability of humans to live peacefully without conflicts. Humans’ population increase results in increased pressure on the resources a feature that give rise to numerous conflicts. Such is a fundamental feature of human interactions that Maurice Merleau-Ponty discusses in his book. All the conflicts in the human society arise from either competition for resources or competition for mates. In order to provide amicable solutions to their conflicts, humans organize themselves in societies with effective leadership and systems that perfect in conflict ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Evaluate Merleau-Ponty'S Account in The World of Perception of the Essay.
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