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Crito- Socrates argument against escape via the voice of The Laws - Essay Example

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In response to Critos arguments Socrates considers three things: (1), why the opinion of the majority is not the most important opinion, (2), what the consequences of escaping would be Athens, and (3), whether escaping is an unjust action such that it would harm Socrates…
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Download file to see previous pages Lastly, in his third argument Crito mentions Socrates responsibility to his children. As their father, it is Socrates responsibility to see that his children are brought up well and educated, and he cant do this if he is dead. (Woozley, 1979)
Socrates of course is flattered, but he does not agree. Most of his response involves his theory of political obligation. He is sceptical that he will be welcomed in any other state, or will be happy and comfortable there. He will see himself as a foolish old man willing to humiliate himself in order to buy a few more years of life. If another state accepts him at all, hell be treated as a comic and pathetic figure.
In addition, he is also is not swayed by the point about his children. If he flees, he will either take them with him, in which case they will be raised in a foreign land by a cowardly fugitive and lose the benefits of an Athenian upbringing, or they will be left behind to be raised by his friends. The first is undesirable, and the second is the same as what would happen if he were executed. ( Rudebusch, 2009)
As far as what people will think of Crito and the others for supposedly failing to rescue him, he reminds Crito that they would long since come to realize that the opinions of the masses typically are not true anyway, just as we shouldnt care what someone who isnt an expert in physical fitness and athletics thinks about your physical training regimen, we also shouldnt care what non-experts think morally about the choices we make in life. Any time there is a choice between doing whats right and doing what will placate other people and avoid the harm that comes from their ill opinion of you, you should always do what is right, up to and including at the cost of your life. This point provides a transition to Socrates discussion of political obligation. He reminds Crito and the others present that they ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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