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Darwin's The Origin of Species ( Question) - Essay Example

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Natural selection is a non-random, gradual, process through which biological characteristics become either less or more general in a given population due to differential reproduction of their holders. Natural selection is the main method of development. The term was popularized…
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Darwins The Origin of Species (Essay Question)
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Download file to see previous pages In an individual’s life, the genomes interact with their immediate environments to bring changes in the traits. The environment of the genome consists of molecular components in the cell, cells, organisms, communities, and the abiotic environment. Individuals having a particular variant of the characteristic can survive and give rise to individuals than the other variants. The population will, therefore, evolve (Darwin 78-122).
Factors affecting the reproductive success are crucial, an issue that Darwin came up with while thinking about sexual selection. Darwin, for example, noted natural selection tends to act on the external physical characteristics of an organism (also called phenotype). The genetic material responsible for the phenotype that gives the reproductive advantage surpasses other phenotypes in a given population. After several years, the process may result in communities that are specific for some ecological niches whose outcome is that a new species is formed. In conclusion, natural selection is a vital process by which evolution occurs within a given community. Natural selection is regulated by the environment that acts as a sieve only some variations can pass through (Darwin 11-122).
Both forms of selection bring about changes or evolution in a population. Natural selection controls development where the environment selects the losers and winners. In artificial selection, human beings share what they want in other living things. Natural selection involves cases where only those organisms well suited to the environment can survive and reproduce. The organisms transmit their genetic characteristics to the subsequent generations. Artificial selection occurs when man acts as an environmental pressure. When man chooses cats with certain characteristics and breeds them to get the desired traits is an example of domestic selection. In simple words, domestic selection gives rise to organisms very different ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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