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Do all arguments about abortion come down to the question of what is the moral status of the fetus Explain - Essay Example

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Abortion can be either spontaneous or induced. Unprompted abortion is also referred to as miscarriage. It results due to trauma and natural causes that render the woman unable to carry a pregnancy…
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Do all arguments about abortion come down to the question of what is the moral status of the fetus Explain
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Extract of sample "Do all arguments about abortion come down to the question of what is the moral status of the fetus Explain"

Download file to see previous pages Debate on abortion has two premises: pro-life and pro-choice. The pro-life argue in favor of the right of the fetus. The pro-choice school of thought is proponent for the mother has a right of choice on whatever she has to do with her body. They argue that the mother can decide to either terminate or keep her pregnancy. They recognize the fact that any being able to be pregnant can make autonomous choices and decisions regarding what they want to do with their body.
Pro-life augments based on human reason: The reason why the bible does not speak directly about Abortion is because it was an unthinkable malady in the Israelite culture. Secondly, the bible views children as a gift from God and as such, life begins during conception and should thus be protected including the fetus. Secondly, Christians believe that God is in control of the womb and finally bareness is a bad omen.
Apart from the biblical point of view on abortion, there are other arguments that are provided for non-believers. They include researched pro-life arguments whereby studies have been undertaken in medicine. In medicine arguments against abortion arise from the fact that after conception has taken place, this embryo is different genetically from its mother. A growing fetus has a DNA that is different from the mother. An embryo that is developing is scientifically dissimilar from the ova and sperms that created it. There are 46 or 47 chromosomes in a human being whereby a sperm egg is believed to have 23 chromosomes. Since geneticist can easily differentiate embryo’s DNA and that of sperms and ovum. However, there is no clearly distinct difference between the DNA of the fetus and the afterwards fully grown human being.
In addition, the idea of defining death and life leads to a medical argument. It is known that death refers to the cessation of the heartbeat of an individual. In the embryo, the heart is formed on the 18th ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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