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Does life itself has a purpose Do we as individuals/ or as a group have a purpose Based on the works and opinions of greek philosophers - Essay Example

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Some of the philosophers did not write their views directly and so there are only records of their beliefs in the works of other philosophers. This is the…
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Does life itself has a purpose Do we as individuals/ or as a group have a purpose Based on the works and opinions of greek philosophers
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Extract of sample "Does life itself has a purpose Do we as individuals/ or as a group have a purpose Based on the works and opinions of greek philosophers"

Download file to see previous pages He speculated that the mythical presumptions about the foundation of the world and the daily interference in the affairs of men by the gods were not the only things that determined how life progressed. Anaximenes would also be more pre-occupied with the nature of matter; and air, in specific, than with mythical characters in religion. To emphasize on his belief in the significance of matter, Thales stated that “all matter is full of the gods” (Curd and Graham 51). Though there were no writings left behind on his exact views on life and death, it would appear that he encouraged his listeners to concern themselves with the life they could see and feel, instead of that which they could not be certain about.
Heraclitus, another pre-Socratic philosopher embraced the notion of viewing the world in a detached manner (Hephaestus Books 65). For him, the purpose of life was not to run from conflict but to embrace it. Heraclitus believed that opposition is something that is essential in all of life’s processes. He also appears to have believed that the gods themselves understood the need for opposing forces, whether in reference to good and evil, to exist so as to balance life. He encouraged his hearers to embrace conflict in order to move ahead in life and even attain balance within their own lives. Parmenides, another pre-Socratic philosopher, was less balanced in his view of life and the world. Parmenides believed that the concept of variety was an illusion, and that true change was impossibility. Parmenides did not well on matters regarding gods but sought to explain the importance of the concept of either ‘not being’ or ‘being’. From his manner of deciphering the meanings of various situations, it would appear that his belief was that the purpose of man is to live by logic.
The philosopher Democritus also appears to have supported this notion, albeit in a different manner. Democritus was a mathematician who described everything in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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