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Is strong character enough to guarantee ethical practice in a profession - Essay Example

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Good character can serve one’s interests if one has the right interests and such interest and values are coherent. In respect to professionals, they must be able to understand the…
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Is strong character enough to guarantee ethical practice in a profession
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Download file to see previous pages Aristotle argues that character ought to be consistent over time, as well as coherent at all times. A person of good character enforces virtues and values through appropriate dispositions and emotions. Aristotle asserts that character is a matter of what one likes doing, therefore, good character is manifest in doing the right thing while having the right desires and emotions. He asserts that strong character involves values, the readiness to act on them, and ability to take the appropriate action in a particular situation (Hartman 78).
Bayles proposes three central features and three secondary features that define a profession. The central features are extensive training; the training involves a significant intellectual component, and that the trained professional upon qualification has the ability to provide an important service to the community. The secondary features are credentialing where members are certified or licensed as a qualification for practice (Bivins 76).
The other feature is the existence of a professional organisation that strives to advance the goals of the organisation as well as improving the economic status of members. Lastly, most professions stress autonomy among their members as a precursor for a successful professional career. Consequently, professionals must act professionally by observing the dictates of professional behavior including ethical imperatives. When professionals act this way they gain respect from society and peers. Building on the works of Aristotle and Bayles, this paper explores the importance of a strong character in ensuring ethical practice among professionals (Bivins 76).
Ethical codes are systematic guidelines meant to shape the behavior of professionals regarding the morally accepted values and beliefs. However, codes do not provide absolute or complete rules that are free from conflict and ambiguity. Since codes do not provide ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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