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The Pilgrimage to Mecca - Essay Example

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This essay describes the experience of making the pilgrimage to Mecca. Stories and details about Mecca and as a Muslim faithful this was an exciting event that was significant to the life of any Muslim. Every Muslim should at least once in their lifetime make a pilgrimage to Mecca…
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The Pilgrimage to Mecca
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Extract of sample "The Pilgrimage to Mecca"

Download file to see previous pages This religious journey is referred to as Hajj in Arabic. Most consider the visit to Mecca as beneficial but it is recommended to make the pilgrimage during the last month of the Islamic calendar also known as Dhu al-Hijja. By doing this, one will have fulfilled the requirements of Hajj. I personally chose to make the pilgrimage during this period and the experience was priceless.I come from Kuwait which is a neighboring nation to Mecca. I was in the company of my father and elder brother and together our Hajj began back at home in Kuwait, where we put on the ihram, a dressing that is made up of two white sheets put on by all men during Hajj. Before leaving, my dad helped me tie one of the sheets around the waist, and wrapped the other around the shoulders. As he did this, I could feel the anticipation and anxiety in his breath and I could almost hear his heart beating next to me. The case was indifferent with my elder brother who kept saying that his ultimate dream was about to be fulfilled. Upon arrival to Mecca, I could now understand the significance of ihram. All male Muslims are required to put on this attire during Hajj. I noticed that it would be hard to differentiate people under this state. All people became equal; young, old, poor, rich among others. On arrival to Mecca, my imaginations and anticipations were stunned by the scene of the Ka’ba. Ka’ba is the Holy place of Allah and when I finally stood before it, I realize the magnitude of emotions going through me were more than I could handle. Mecca is also graced with the Masjid al-Haram mosque which stands out uniquely. It is one of the most beautiful and attractive mosques I have ever seen. At this stage, we performed the tawaf which entails going round the Ka’ba seven times. As we do this, we recited the talbiya, and then followed by kissing the Black Stone found in the Ka'ba. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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