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Effects Of Early Marriage - Essay Example

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This essay discusses a marriage as a sacred relationship that exists between a husband and a wife. This relationship holds a special place in every religion of the world because of many significant benefits such as love, care, and financial security. …
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Effects Of Early Marriage
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Download file to see previous pages Early marriages, also known as underage marriages, put a negative impact on both men and women. Marriage is a relationship that requires mental maturity and willingness to accept the responsibility of some other person. An underage person is not able to fulfill all requirements of marriage because he/she is not mentally mature to understand the responsibilities that he/she owes to his/her partner (Ask, 1985). Marriage is not just about developing a sexual relationship and producing children; rather it is a relationship that encompasses many other responsibilities as well. For example, in a marital relationship, the husband owes the responsibility to take proper care of the wife. Here, the word ‘proper care’ includes all those responsibilities that a husband needs to fulfill, such as, provision of shelter to the wife and ensuring financial and physical security of the wife.
Summing it up, early marriages adversely affect the lives of women. Young women have to face a number of problems due to early marriages, such as childbirth problems, educational problems, and mental illness. The dilemma is that hardly any attention by the governments of developing countries is being given towards this critical issue. It is the responsibility of the governments to take proper steps to put an end to the trend of early marriages. Some steps may include a compete for a ban on early marriages, creating awareness among people regarding effects of early marriages, and providing better healthcare facilities to young mothers in order to reduce their sufferings. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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