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The Meaning of the Patriotism - Essay Example

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The purpose of the following essay is to reveal the definition of such term as patriotism. Moreover, the paper will analyze the origin and meaning of related principles and behavior. The writer defines this word in line with one’s true feelings for one's state or country…
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The Meaning of the Patriotism
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Download file to see previous pages There is a close connection of patriotism with nationalism; however, the difference between the two is pretty much clear and open to all. This means that a man’s love and commitment towards a nation is not limited to only the area of land which he calls it his homeland rather the aspect of patriotism is much more than what is imagined. It is certainly a rule which needs to be connected with his thinking and patriotic individual always remains loyal to his country. It is a fact that the aspect of patriotism has remained different in a number of important ways. It is considered in different meanings and tones all over the world but the basic meaning is similar to everything. It is the bond of love or attachment that one has with his own country. Socially this concept has also had different consequences and meanings in the background of various movements, wars and where patriotism could change the way in which these events have been started. Patriotic movements usually last for a longer period of time since these aim to get the rights which have been denied. Thus patriotism is something more of a trend than anything else if seen broadly. The societal connotation of patriotism is somewhat close to what is noticed for nationalism yet the difference as stated above is there. However, the society keeps a strict check on the levels of patriotism which usually do not change every now and then. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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