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Mexicans Temporary Residents in the USA - Essay Example

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This essay describes status temporary Mexicans in the USA. They come to America in search of better economic prospects employment and after earning good money, they move back. The general opinion that Mexicans, like migratory birds, fly back to their homes as soon as economic needs are satisfied…
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Mexicans Temporary Residents in the USA
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Extract of sample "Mexicans Temporary Residents in the USA"

Download file to see previous pages So, it is a seasonal migration – coming and going back and coming again, making them temporary residents in America and Canada. However, this is not a completely true picture. One reason for labeling Mexicans, as temporary residents might be political in nature. The larger community intends to get political benefit by proclaiming Mexicans as temporary residents to argue in support of North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Thus, there are other arguments against the notion that need to be discussed. In fact, certain findings on period of stay, family formation, network development and work status prove the statement wrong that Mexicans are temporary residents. Let’s analyze those findings. There are a number of factors that support the inclination of Mexicans to have permanent settlements like the duration of stay, family formation, network development and work. The desire to settle permanently by Mexicans has not been given due coverage and recognition. A large number of Mexican children go to American schools, which shows they want to settle down forever in America. After a long period of stay in America, undocumented Mexicans like Central Americans don’t want to return back because they have become a customized to the changes with the passing of time. The argument that stable economic and political environment at home is prompting them to go back to their original place, particularly after signing of NAFTA is devoid of substance. It is also politically misleading as a segment of politicians in America want the Mexicans to return to their homeland to lessen the weight on American resources. Definitely, there is a role played by the economic and social forces in the occurrence of Los Angeles riots and in initiating a trend amongst Mexicans to migrate back to their homeland.
Rousseau idea of labeling Mexicans as “homing pigeons” does not hold ground as in reality ‘their experiences in the new communities’ (Chavez) hold them back to America. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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