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Orem's theory of self-care in the maternity department - Essay Example

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This essay talks about women which have been endowed with the responsibility of bearing the human progeny. The word ‘mother’, is closely linked to maternity. The meaning, as defined by Chamber’s Twentieth dictionary of the word “maternity”…
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Orems theory of self-care in the maternity department
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Extract of sample "Orem's theory of self-care in the maternity department"

Download file to see previous pages As the essay declares the subject of short study here is, ‘The concept of Self-Care’ in nursing practice as envisaged in the maternity department of a hospital. It will be argued that the Praxis of Self-Care could greatly improve the rehabilitative role of nurses by positively influencing an individual’s self-care agency; which is the power component of self - care behavior, as according to Dorothea Orem’s Theory.
This paper discusses that the term ‘Self-Care’, is familiar through Orem’s Self-Care Deficit Theory of nursing. Orem’s theory is composed of three related theories: the theory of Self-Care, the theory of Self-Care Deficit and, the theory of Nursing Systems. Orem’s theory views the individual as a self – care agent with especial needs. When ‘self-care’ is practiced it enhances health and well-being being. There is a visible link between responsibility and self-care; Self-care can be stated as a self-initiated, deliberate and purposeful activity linked to health and well-being. Pertinent action is performed to meet the therapeutic self-care demand arising out of known needs for care. This varies from time to time, as required by the various stages of life-cycle, of the individual person. The non-fulfillment of this demand, gives rise to a self-care deficit, which denotes the need for nursing. The decision to provide self-care is taken jointly by the patient and the nurse. Herein the nurse plays a pivotal part in the influence of the patient. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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