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“Knowledge is Power” It is a fact around the world that those individuals who have had prior acquisition of knowledge at their disposal are the ones who have achieved quite a great deal within their lives. This is true in the case of power and influence that they exert upon the people as well as the different processes and activities spread all over the world…
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Knowledge is Power
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“Knowledge is Power” It is a fact around the world that those individuals who have had prior acquisition of knowledge at their disposal are the oneswho have achieved quite a great deal within their lives. This is true in the case of power and influence that they exert upon the people as well as the different processes and activities spread all over the world. Knowledge does bring about a great deal of favors for the individuals who aim to seek it for their own selves. It gives them the immense significance within the contexts of the society that they live in and follow the different patterns of their lives. How knowledge has changed the course of the society in the recent times is something that needs to be understood properly and much evidence suggests the basis of the very same. Bacon’s statement is in complete harmony with how it views the ideology of knowledge brings at the helm of achieving and sustaining power. This is because knowledge has been able to exert its influence in a number of positive ways, all of which suggest the goodness or the other for the sake of the people. Bacon’s statement is congruous with the norms and values of the modern society because the society at large appreciates individuals who have the tacit knowledge under their folds and could thus expand on the verbal and communicative dictum without any difficulty. This suggests the need to comprehend how knowledge has been able to shape up the hierarchies that exist for a reason – a reason that ends up in more success and indeed power for the individuals under consideration (those who have had knowledge attained under their aegis). Since knowledge allows the person to get acquainted in a better way than the rest of the people around him as concerns to the tasks at hand and the general processes and activities that are going on around the world, this knowledge gives this individual a better and more clearer idea as to how he could tackle the issues and problems that surface from time to time (Jantan, 2010). It puts him in a better league than the rest of the people that are either around him or absent from the relevant notions. The authority and power that he comes up with is something that needs to be properly understood before one could suggest any alternatives to arise in entirety. Therefore how the modern society has been able to decipher the knowledgeable individuals is certain as far as this discussion is concerned. There are people who look up to such individuals and ask for their company on a regular basis. The power that comes attached with knowledge is unimaginable as these people stand head and shoulders with the rest of the individuals who are not that apt with the knowledge and the information circles. What is most important is how knowledge has been able to bring in success for the sake of the people who have tried their best to gain it and what more could be done to attain it in the times to come. Works Cited Jantan, Muhamad. Influencing knowledge workers: the power of top management. Industrial Management & Data Systems, 110(1), 2010 Read More
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