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Discussion Questions (Information Systems) - Essay Example

This involves, in modern business, information technology, networked computers, database software that is able to be customized for the unique workflow patterns of the business, and other implementations of information management. SCM must also lead to the production of charts, statistics, and analysis for use in other departments as part of day to day business management.
If a company wants to implement an enterprise application, it had better do its homework. Discuss the implications of this statement.
When a company commits to a particular platform in information technology, it can involve a choice of operating systems, such as Windows, Linux, or Apple, and also a choice of software applications, such as Oracle databases, SAP systems, CRM platforms, etc. Modern businesses will base their day to day operations and efficiency around the use of these IT management applications. If the company makes an implementation of a software platform, vendor for programming, hardware system, etc. management should be very certain to research all aspects of the choice in advance. This type of “homework” means comparing the product to leading alternatives in the same specialization, researching other company’s experience through reviews, discussing the implementation in advance with the vendor, and preparing budgetary or financial analysis of the cost savings of each approach. The costs of a system that functions improperly after implementation can over-run initial estimates, and the further costs to change

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Discussion and Participation Questions
In an internal audit article published by the Kansas State University, the discourse on internal controls has clearly indicated that there are four purposes of internal control systems, to wit: “(1) protecting its resources against waste, fraud, and inefficiency; (2) ensuring accuracy and reliability in accounting and operating data; (3) securing compliance with the policies of the organization; and (4) evaluating the level of performance in all organizational units of the organization” (Kansas State University par.
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Discussion Questions (Information Systems)
In the case of ATM we can come across many cases in which both the parties i.e. the customer and the software vendor can be held liable. For eg if there is some group or gang of techno-savy criminals who somehow manage to use such a slim card reader that it could be placed under the card slot in the ATM machine at a remote location and manage to steal the card info and pin code.
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Information Systems Theories Assignment
.............Page 3 Analysis of House of Commons Public Administration Committee Report…..Page 3 Role of Soft Systems Methodology in Solving HM Government IT Problems .Page 5 Modelling of Government IT Services Using SSM……………………………Page 6 Survey Process……………………………….
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Information Systems Management
The analysis starts by introducing the company and its major products, and then describes organizational structure and culture. These issues are important in frame of objectives of this paper since the culture of the company implies the usage of information technology products as a core or managing the information a different way.
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Information Systems in Society
We are identified more by our buying power or buying patterns in marketers databases or our social security numbers than our true selves. Surveillance through electronic means or digital surveillance is an important tool of governance in information societies.
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Information Systems and Business
they move from the theoretical constructs they want to examine to something concrete that they can actually measure to represent those constructs. Hirschheim and Sabherwal, in their study "Detours in the Path toward Strategic Information Systems Alignment", and Sabherwal and Chan, in the article "Alignment between Business and IS Strategies: A Study of Prospectors, Analyzers, and Defenders", illustrate how researchers make compromises when they operationalize their independent and dependent variables.
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Discussion Questions
ant component of marketing research because it is concerned with “all factors that impact a company’s livelihood” (Competitive Intelligence, 2006). Gaining this information in which the company is operating or proposes to operate is known as competitive intelligence. This
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Information Systems
Later in 1986, Comair leased the software system from SBS international to track and schedule the crew for the airlines. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Delta airlines Comair was widely appreciated for its track record of its
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Discussion Questions
As the organization acknowledges the importance of these elements, there is a separate IT department that is tasked with keeping the system up and running and ensuring that not even one element is left
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Strategic Information Systems

The author states that computer systems have provided businesses today with an opportunity to maximize on their time, resources and human labor through introduction of programs like the ERP. Through adoption and formulation of ERP programs, a company will be able to produce more and management its work force more effectively.

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after investment and implementation due to the failure to meet expectations is an outcome that advance research is designed to counter. 4. As a manager or user of information systems, what would you need to know to participate in the design and use of a DSS or an ESS? Why? In a decision support system or executive support system, the first aspect to be aware of is the extent of the business operations and the divisions of the company as they relate to operation. Secondly, the planner of a DSS/ESS system must know the current data management system that is operating in the company, as well as the reports, analysis, and exchange of information that are in operation internally. From these basic elements, the DSS/ESS planner can build a system that integrates knowledge management across all departments, sectors, and organizations of the company. This can be done through information technology that facilitates the exchange of information and the processing of raw data into patterns of analysis. 5. If businesses used DSS, GDSS, and ESS more widely, would managers and employees make better decisions? Why or why not? Group decision support systems can increase information exchange laterally across offices, departments, and divisions in a company that can give individual employees a wider overall view of operations. To a certain degree, this larger context may be a minor part of certain positions and an extensive aspect of others. Thus, these systems generally relate more to managers than employees who are specialized in labor. Similarly, different companies and different business models or production needs may implement vastly different systems in DSS, GDSS, or ESS. Finally, both employees and managers must have training in interpreting and


Establishing “information management” as the most important element of Supply Chain Management, the role of this process within the business organization is related to the need for accurate record keeping, database management, and other important functions of the specialization.

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Discussion Questions (Information Systems)
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