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Nursing critique - Essay Example

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The Self-Care Deficit Theory by Dorothea Orem offers details on how individuals can benefit from the nursing since they are subject to self-derived and health-related limitations. The theory holds that care is a learned behavior that tends to control the human development,…
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Nursing critique
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Download file to see previous pages The major concepts of the theory center on the environment, nursing, health, and the person. Fundamentally, nursing care focuses on the patients, and the environment mediates an individual’s health. Hence, nursing care should assist a patient to complete self-care. Thus, nurses have the responsibility to assess patients’ ability to provide self-care, as well as, determine the environmental context with the intent of overcoming the health-related limitations. Environment can affect the delivery of quality health care according to Orem’s theory.
The Self-Care Deficit Theory originated from Orem’s quest of working towards the goal of improving the quality of nursing, especially in the general health care facilities within her state. Typically, the dissatisfaction, as well as, the concern of lack of organizing a framework for nursing knowledge influenced Orem to come up with the theory (Fawcett, 2001). Orem indicated that many concept models from medicine, sociology, and psychology were the basis of the curriculum in the majority of the nursing education programs. Orem cited the blatant absence of specification, agreement, and fundamental elements that offered guidelines for the identification of nursing problems and organization of knowledge to support her theory (De & Anderson, 2008). Orem formulated the ideas of the theory after she interacted intensively with the nurses in their profession for a considerable time when offering her expertise consultation in Indiana State Board of Health (Fawcett, 2001). The exposure led to Orem to conclude that nursing entailed thinking and communication. Hence, questions centering on the responsibilities of nurses as practitioners of nursing, the reason they offer care, and the results of their work formed the basis for the development of the theory.
The theory is useful in practice as it provides it details the ways of meeting the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Nursing Critique Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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