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Impact of death and dying on the personal lives and practices - Research Paper Example

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The research has however focused mainly on the benefits of palliative and hospice care on the patients in relation to the health outcomes and the positive impact on…
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Impact of death and dying on the personal lives and practices
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Extract of sample "Impact of death and dying on the personal lives and practices"

Download file to see previous pages The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate my scholarly skills in critically analysing an article that has attempted to bridge the identified gap in knowledge. This article, by Sinclair, seeks to provide a deeper insight into the impact that death and experiences with the dying have on the personal and professional lives of those working in the palliative and hospice care environments. My critical analysis will focus on the purpose of the article, the methodology and research design used as well as the study population.
The article is focused on bridging the identified gap in research and hence contributing to the body of knowledge in the profession. The purpose of this article is to sensitise the nursing professionals and scholars on the psychological needs of the practitioners working in an environment where the thoughts of death, dying and grieving are normal experiences. The topic is very significant at a time when palliative and hospice care are gaining increased attention in the healthcare field (Sinclair, 2011). This means that the psychological health of the practitioners becomes a burning issue that require equal attention. I strongly believe that this purpose is not just worthwhile as a contributor to the body of knowledge, but it has also come out clearly in the article.
The researcher, in this article, has made use of a rather rare method in research. First, Sinclair has made use of ethnographic enquiry in which the participants are selected and observed in their normal working environment. It is from these observations that the researcher obtains the results to make a conclusion of the study. The ethnographic enquiry method has been enriched by the use of conveniently selected participants for the study (Sinclair, 2011). To study the participants effectively, the researcher conducted observations on a variety of healthcare professionals in different fields within the palliative and hospice departments. The collected information was analysed through ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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