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Reflection of how I have put principle of nursing - principle E effective communication into practice in the placement - Essay Example

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This reflective report aims to concentrate on how I incorporated this principle into my practice while also complying with NMC codes, six C’s of nursing, and legal framework. This experience helped me…
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Reflection of how I have put principle of nursing - principle E effective communication into practice in the placement
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Extract of sample "Reflection of how I have put principle of nursing - principle E effective communication into practice in the placement"

Download file to see previous pages When I began to inculcate Principle E in my practice, the strongest motivator to do so was poor patient outcomes. Communication difficulties affect patient outcomes (Casey & Wallis 2011, p. 35). So, when things started going wrong, I used Principle E to control situation.
The most important concern for me when I started to use Principle E was related to lack of confidence among nurses. I noticed that my fellow nurses lacked basic skills of communication which restricted them from confidently reporting patient information to doctors. Because there was no confidence in their reporting, there was also the problem of poor documentation. Reporting and documentation should be both perfectly clear to improve patient outcomes because they directly affect patient health (Bell & Jones 2007, p. 487). I realized that communication difficulties were at the root of both problems. This practical experience helped me in getting acquainted with the efficacy of Principle E. Patients report dissatisfaction with the way they are provided care when errors are not reported by nurses. Fear inhibits reporting (Barnsteiner 2011). I noticed that without proper implementation of Principle E, patient privacy also becomes a big concern. This is because I came across breaches in patient confidentiality sometimes, but tracking them down revealed to me that they never got reported. This was due to unprofessional execution of duties. I used Principle E to solve this problem because it stresses that patient information should be handled very sensitively and discreetly (Casey & Wallis 2011, p. 36).
It is the subtle deficiencies in the way we communicate which go on to present the biggest challenges to nurses. There are confusions and misunderstandings. I dealt with them by practicing Principle E in accordance with NMC standards. For example, one NMC standard promotes that a nurse should become an advocate for people in his/her care and should hasten to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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