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Philosophy, Mission, and Organizing Framework of caring nursing theory - Assignment Example

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The college has a vision of transformations of the nursing world through caring. The mission, as well, is etched in caring and asserts the college’s commitment to higher leaning. As a college, it…
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Philosophy, Mission, and Organizing Framework of caring nursing theory
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Download file to see previous pages The college lives on the philosophy that the nursing discipline and profession is based on caring. The philosophy states that the contributions of nursing to the society focuses on the person as a whole through caring. The discipline requires a response by the practitioners towards the enhancement of a person’s well-being. There are situations that call for nursing to occur and include enhancement of well-being through the contact of nurses and persons involved. He discipline has an art and science presence with the former etched on creativity in practice, and the latter on the complex body of knowledge.
My philosophy in nursing is that, as a nurse, I have the responsibility of providing safe, holistic and patient-centered care to the public or the nursed individuals (American Nurses Association, 2010). In this case, patients deserve and require individualized attention and assistance whenever they need. On the other hand, nurses remain the providers of health assistance and care.
The organizational framework of the college is based on criteria of nurturing a person through caring. Therefore, the main basis for examination is caring. Nursing is unique and requires a response from the nurse to a call from another person, where the nurse is supposed to respond by getting into the person’s situation and assisting professionally.
According to Ray (2007), there is a challenge in nursing caring as described in her theory of bureaucratic caring. The theory suggests that nurses struggle with the requirement of serving the bureaucratic needs of the system while required to serve the caring needs of the human beings. This philosophy seems to be in opposition to the CON philosophy that aims at human needs for caring as the primary necessity. The bureaucracy has been brought about in the society by politics, social statuses, economy and technological advancements. The author notes that various hospital units ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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