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Visitation to a Womans Health Facility - Assignment Example

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The organization operates and manages approximately 700 health care centers all over United States. The organization is also responsible for providing health care information and…
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Visitation to a Womans Health Facility
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Download file to see previous pages It also offers sex education to these women. Planned Parenthood has an experience of more than 100 years in promoting the health and well being of women (Parenthood, 2014). Furthermore, it is guided by the principle that everybody has a right and duty to make an independent and informed decision about family planning, sex, and their health. Boro Hall Centre is part of the Planned Parenthood clinics.
The vision of the health care organization is to help people make informed decisions about their sexuality, family planning, and health care. Most of its target customers are women. Because the health care organization operates in virtually all the states of America, serving a diverse community, the following are the mission of the health care organization (Johnson and Lambert, 2010),
The main leaders of the organization are women. The Chairman of the entire organization is Alexis McGill Johnson. She has extensive experience in the fields of academia, social activism, and politics. She greatly understands the opportunities and challenges that Planned Parenthood faces, as a health care institution, and fundraising organization. She has an interest in improving the lives of young women. This is by making it possible for them to have an access to quality and affordable health care. Ms Cecile Richards is the head of the organization, and she is responsible for rolling out programs aimed at catering for the health care needs of women (Johnson and Lambert, 2010). Most of the visitors at the Boro Hall are women, and teenage girls.
The Boro Hall facility gives advice to women on the better family planning services available to them. The organization further carries out pregnancy tests, and it has delivery units, where pregnant women are allowed to deliver. This center also provides educational services. This is with the aim of teaching teens and young women on relationships, sex, and sexuality (Johnson and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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