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Learning Points - Assignment Example

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In order to find the right cause and remedy of an illness, it is necessary to examine the patient’s infection history- it is vital that the medical practitioner assesses the previous diagnosis of the patient in order to find out the likelihood of similar infections and/or new…
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Learning Points
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Download file to see previous pages This collectively places the medical practitioner in the best position to note the possible kinds of infections, there causes, and how best to handle it or them.
The main purpose for a diagnosis- according to Neal-Boylan (2011) the primary intention for effective diagnosis and treatment of any illness inclusive of the cardio-infections is to decrease the risk factors, which play a part in the progression of the cardiovascular disease as well as heart failure. For this case, the diagnosis is important because it helps the medical professionals and the patients reduce the fear for the reoccurrence of angina, control of diabetes, reduction of blood pressure, and engagement in physical activities among them weight loss.
Need for conservation treatment- as per the document by Deming & Riddick-Grisham (2011), conservation treatment is one among the best strategies of disease infection. It includes undertaking all the precautionary medical measures on the verge to ensure a comprehensive treatment of an infection, for this case, angina. Some of the pivotal schemes of conservation treatment for this case include checking of blood sugar four times a day, taking all the medications as prescribed by specialists, and seeking for immediate medical attention in case any reactions occur. Other additional conservation treatment for this case are keeping records of blood sugar, body weight, and blood pressure and presenting them to the concerned practitioners in the consecutive visits of the medical facility.
With reference to Bailey & Trybulski (2012), there are a number of prominent features of patient education for clinical case including what they need to avoid and what they ought to embrace in attempts to speed up the healing or treatment process. Some of the main features of patient education for this case include:
Embrace the appropriate eating habits, that is as per the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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