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Research Summary and Ethical Considerations , consequences of nurses working long hours. needs to bequalitative or quantitative study - Essay Example

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This has been a major issue that affects their performance. There are consequences that emerge due to the nurses working for long hours. This forms the research problem for the study. It has been known that nurses…
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Research Summary and Ethical Considerations , consequences of nurses working long hours. needs to bequalitative or quantitative study
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"Research Summary and Ethical Considerations , consequences of nurses working long hours. needs to bequalitative or quantitative study"

Download file to see previous pages Patients go to the hospital expecting the best of care from the nurses. When this is not the case due to nurses working for long hours, there emerges a cause for concern and immediate remedy. The consequences of nurse working for long hours are prioritized because of the intensity of human suffering that is associated with poor medical attention /care.
The purpose of this study is to identify the consequences of long working houses for nurses and how they affect their ability to provide appropriate medical care to patients. Consequently, the goals of this study lead to formation of recommendations that can be adopted to handle the problem at hand.
The purpose and the research question are directly related to the problem. Exploring ways to answer the research questions will give relevant information on the nature of the problem and provide insights on ways to deal with it.
Qualitative methods such as case study analysis are appropriate in answering these research questions. Basically, the key consideration is how the nurses who work over long hours have behaved over time. The cases will provide information for analysis.
There are qualitative and quantitative studies that have concentrated on highlighting the major consequences of long working hour’s for nurses. The school of nursing from the University of Pennsylvania conducted a study in 2012 where 22, 275 nurses were interviewed to give their experiences of working for more than 10 hours. The same study also interviewed patients who had been attended to by the nurses after the elapsing of the recommended working hours. Close to 80% of the nurses reported burnout due to fatigue and said they felt sleepy after working for 12-13 hour shifts. 70% of the patients interviewed reported dissatisfaction with the attention and medical care given to them by the nurses working for long hours. It has also been noted in the research conclusions that not much is done to improve the situation the nurses face.
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