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Alcohol abuse in the college age population in Massachusetts - Research Paper Example

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The uncertainty mainly lies not in the drinking itself, but the blackballs that fall from excessive consumption of alcohol. This has raised an alarm to all the stake holders to…
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Alcohol abuse in the college age population in Massachusetts
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Download file to see previous pages rial, (Journal of American College Health, Promoting psychosocial adjustment and stress management in first-year college students: the benefits of engagement in a psychosocial wellness seminar).
The world today has faced great challenges in getting long lasting solutions to solve alcohol abuse. This paper will critically evaluate measurable goals that can be implemented by widely spreading knowledge on effects of alcohol abuse. This paper will elaborate on the important roles public health nurse has on families, college students and perplexed parents. The quest for informed decision making in our colleges is a gap that has remained unfilled for several years now and the community in general. The paper will shed light on health problems, risks of certain terminal illnesses and alcohol dependence.
In any given institution, the role of a qualified public health nurse is very important. Parents send the children to learning institutions with an aim to develop and nurture talents. This might not be the case if proper management is not put in place. Alcoholism has robbed off our youth’s potential and put the energies down the drain. With the aid of a public health nurse, our students in the institutions can benefit from the vast knowledge of a public health nurse. The main roles will to teach and provide all relevant information to the students to acquire on the side effects of alcohol, (Journal of Community Health, 2005 Alcohol Response and Consumption in Adolescent Rhesus Macaques: Life History and Genetic Influences Alcohol).
The public health nurse will be of great importance in promoting healthy life styles. The nurse has the mandate to interpret relevant information to the students, families and the entire community. By so doing, the nurse will be in a better position to explain terms and the issues pertaining to alcohol intake and the pro and cons of the use of the substance. A valid example would be the public nurse will explain to the students the many ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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