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Five Year Strategic Plan - Essay Example

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To begin with, the employees of the medical center need to be aware of the fact that their energies and efforts should be directed towards providing relief and rescue services to the patients, both in physical and mental terms. This is so needed because the world of today is in…
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Five Year Strategic Plan
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Download file to see previous pages The plan would entail the leadership curve. The medical staff must know that unity of command is of utmost essence under such equations. It will make sure that the staff knows exactly who to follow and what kind of principles and duties lie upon their entireties. Leadership instills in the staff a sense of comprehension that they must work to their end limits and give in their best time and again. There is no room for any hiccups and this must never be realized upon at any level (Owen, 1990). This is the reason why employees should always look up to their seniors whenever they believe that they are in confusion or doubt, and seek prior approval of tasks from the leaders who are in charge of the peculiar situations.
Moving on to the next phase of this plan, as a chief executive of the medical center, I need to devote more time towards the different tasks which take place under my eyes. This is because my vision will lead the way for a number of steps that shall take place within the medical facility. If I am not adhering to following the standards, then this would only mean that there is a transgression of sorts which must be resolved at the earliest. My undertakings would let the people know where the anomalies occur and how best to remove them as soon as possible.
The plan would also discuss the ethical considerations which must be significantly outlined as far as this medical center’s activities and operations are concerned. This is because ethics is the core basis of the medical and health profession and it cannot be denied its due right. The patients who are most needy and who look forward to receiving medical help and assistance should always be given facilitation no matter where they belong from, what kind of living standards they have or which ethnic minorities they are a part of (Morrison, 2011). This ethical debate has been ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Five Year Strategic Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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