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Organizational Influences on Ethics - Essay Example

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The organizational subcultures that I have had to contend with are so diverse to an extent that they can be classified into three groups: the no-conflicted subculture, the leading and the counterculture. Collective ambivalence is the type of leading subculture that I had to…
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Organizational Influences on Ethics
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Download file to see previous pages The most outstanding and palpable form of counterculture (as a form of subculture) that I encountered is dressing.
The subculture that was most difficult to deal with was collective ambivalence towards organizational mode and policies of operation. This is because, this form of leading subculture is mostly exhibited within the organization’s high echelons (managerial positions), yet these positions are to enjoy the value of self-management and independence. Because of this relative extension of the value of self-management and independence to organizational executives, it becomes impossible to forge a definitive and defined approach to decision making and organizational approaches. As a matter of fact, a resolute attempt to draw out a clear, monolithic and definitive organizational policy may set precedence to organizational dictatorship.
Just as Owen (1990) posits, it is obvious that when dealing with these three groups or subcultures, leadership styles will inevitably vary. When dealing with the executive rank of the organization to eradicate collective ambivalence, democratic leadership style will greatly helps, since dialogue will be paramount. Likewise, to deal with the issue of inappropriate relaxative by the junior management, prescriptive and delegative type of leadership became needful.
As for the problem of dressing among the junior-most staff, prescriptive type of leadership became useful, since, it is important that every organization chooses its dressing code and that these rules are adhered to.
One of the examples of managerial malpractice is negligent supervision. Taking the nursing or healthcare providing institution, negligent supervision may occur when the manager or an officer in the management personnel fails in supervising the activities of both independent contractors and employees at the institution, and thereby causing the medical institution, a department or its facilities to fail in its objectives (Morrison, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Organizational Influences on Ethics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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