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Standardized Nursing Classification Language - Essay Example

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The writer of this essay "Standardized Nursing Classification Language" will justify the need for unified medical care documentation and communication representation. Furthermore, the essay would evaluate the existing solutions to such an issue using information technology…
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Standardized Nursing Classification Language
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Download file to see previous pages In order to accomplish a considerable level of flexibility in the data that is used in computer-based record system, the classification systems of nursing are essential, but they are not sufficient enough to represent aspects of the nursing profession. In consideration of actions and decisions that nurses make, it may not be very possible to encode such processes into a computer data system that can be reproduced or reapplied anywhere else (Henry, et al, 2005).
In essence, the actions taken by nurses in providing medical care, and which are encoded as interventions must be considered as critical inputs in developing computer-based record systems. The function and structure of classifications systems that exist and are meant to encode interventions by nurses cannot be accurate in depicting the nature of the work that nurses do in a way that can facilitate reusing of the data.
To be able to capture and electronically represent in clinical context data that reflects an encounter of a patient with a practitioner in a health care facility is a significant challenge for system developers. To be able to encode data by employing standard classification and coding and yet be able to link it to resources that are based on knowledge such as clinical guidelines, may not be an easy thing for system developers to achieve (American Nurses Association, 1991).
If standardization of language for nurses will inevitably require electronic or computer documentation of patient information and data, then the first concern that must be considered is the enormous start-up cost for putting in place electronic systems for recording and processing medical data. This challenge is compounded by the fact that all charts, and which are numerous, be converted into electronic format.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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