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I will describe weight extensively and provide a list of its customs and clarifications on how it is used in the medical industry. If…
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Download file to see previous pages Weight can be described and defined in a physical as well as social context. It is referred to as mass in law, in colloquial uses and in commerce. However, I would wish to describe and define it on a medical perspective.
Weight is one of the most important issues as far as quality health care is concerned. It can be defined as the body mass index of an individual, or the heaviness of an object, or simply mass. It is a very essential issue when examining health matters on individuals because it is known medically to be a major contributor and cause of various conditions. The health of any individually changes significantly by change of BMI. The weight of a person keeps increasing, if little concern is considered, to a point where their lives start changing for the worse. Too much weight is capable of causing illnesses, which would never have been encountered had the weight been checked constantly.
Weight, therefore, plays a big role in the health-care sector and is always recommended as one of the weapons used in health-care to assist clients maintain a healthy body. According to medical experts, including nurses and doctors, it is advisable to always keep low BMI’s so that even when sicknesses strike, it is easier to treat and get rid of them. A high body mass is dangerous to an individuals health (Alters & Schiff, 2011). As a medication caution, the first test for persons in hospitals is weight checking. These weights are used to determine whether the patient’s body mass is capable of posing danger to their health and whether it is the reason for the condition of the patient if sick.
There are various ways used by the health-care providers to assist patients and clients to maintain or change their body weight. Hospitals and other health-care institutions encourage safe body mass and weight, and they provide ways of managing it. Health-care sector is commonly ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Concept of Weight Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words - 1.
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