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Reflection on simulation - Essay Example

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A patient is sometimes in pain, and may be suffering from frustrations as a result of being unwell. The nurses have a role to treat a patient with respect and ensure that he is comfortable (Johns, 2009, p.13)…
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Reflection on simulation
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Download file to see previous pages My colleague was to start by taking the blood pressure of the patient. She did this using a sphygmomanometer. While measuring the blood pressure of the patient, she asked him if he is hypertensive, and the patient’s reply was a no.
As my colleague was taking the patients’ blood pressure, I was cleaning the instruments I would use. I also checked that they were functioning properly. When she was through it, was my turn with the patient. I applied a gel to my hands to sanitize them. I informed the patient that I was to take his temperature, respiration and pulse. I explained that this was necessary for diagnosis of his illness. He gave me his consent to proceed. This is as per the requirement of nursing and midwifery council (Delany & Molloy 2009).
In the process of taking his temperature from the ears, I asked him if I could slightly pull his ear. The gentleman was cooperative, and he agreed. As I was inserting the thermometer in his ears, I accidentally pierced a plastic in the ear. This is because I was not confident enough. After completing the readings of temperature, I plotted the reading in the temperature chart.
I then proceed to checking the pulse rate of the patient. I check the strength of the pulse and the rhythm from the arteries. I used the arteries on the arm to check the pulse rate. I then proceed to doing the respiratory test. In taking the respiration, I checked the rate of the patients breathing in sixty second. I then recorded the finding of these two tests in a separate fact sheet.
After I was through with the patient, I cleaned my hands with water and soap. The cleaning of the hands before and after attending a patient was critical (Johns, 2009, p.25). It is for this reason that I had applied a gel on my hands before, and cleaned them after attending Mr. A. This is in compliance to nursing and midwifery council standards on control of infections. Further, the nurse does not remain with germs that he ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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