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It is an accepted fact in the modern hospitals, people in management positions often have to manage a web of diverse and complex tasks and environments. In such a situation, it is highly necessary for them to develop a supportive work environment. It is highly necessary at this…
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Download file to see previous pages This is so because according to many experts, in clinical settings, autocratic leadership styles lead to heightened stress, strain, and less job satisfaction. On the other hand, transformational leadership will help develop an increased level of commitment in the staff. Also, it is found that this will heighten morale among the employees and will empower nurses in management positions. The mere fact is that managers should have enough knowledge and consistency, and at the same time, should be able to empower the subordinates through delegation.
According to Campbell and Sinclair (2004), it is highly necessary for the supervisor in an emergency department to develop close working relationship with the ED staff. This is so because this will give the supervisor a chance to know each of the staffs closely. That means the staff will be happily cooperate and even help the manager correct their errors.
Another important point for a manager in an emergency department is to guide the staff through examples. It is so because this will help the staffs understand the fact that a member need not always limit their actions to the ones which are included in their job descriptions. Instead, they can be taught through examples how it is possible to help others when they are overloaded.
It is highly necessary to ensure close communication with the staffs. This is so because this will give the supervisor a chance to know the responsibility and accountability of each staff. Also, the supervisor comes to know who can be trusted and who cannot be. That means the ones who can be trusted can be delegated later on when there is an emergency (Ducharme, Buckley, Alder & Pelletier, 2009).
Another vital point is that the leader should listen to the staff. This gives the staff the feeling that they are valued and respected. Moreover, such a communication will develop the feeling among the staff that the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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