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Critique of a Quantitative Design - Research Paper Example

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The paper critically examines and analyzes the journal article and discusses its feasibility and effectiveness. The paper also provides suggestive views on improving the article. The journal article studies the role of education in career retention and job satisfaction amongst registered nurses…
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Research Critique of a Quantitative Design
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Extract of sample "Critique of a Quantitative Design"

Download file to see previous pages The research paper focuses on the educational degrees which are acquired by nurses and also reflects their performance and job satisfaction ratio. In the literature review, researchers have tried to relate an impact of education in job satisfaction which does not seem to be the only reason for the contribution to acquiring job satisfaction. The performance of an individual plays an important role in career retention because employees have to justify their education through their performances. The researchers have also tried to relate the reasons of a higher turnover rate with low job satisfaction, which is also considered as an incomplete reason for its justifications. Poor performance and inability to follow ethical guidelines are also the reason for a higher turnover rate. The study had been focused on the educational degrees which are acquired by nurses. They are either Associate’s Degree (AD) or Bachelor’s in Science degree (BS) followed by specialization. The researcher did not mention any previous studies that focused on the degree programs and their satisfaction in their respective jobs. This would have given the ratio of degree holders that can retain their job and become the source for job satisfaction. The hypothesis that has been assumed by the researcher contains an assumption that a BS degree would result in job satisfaction of a person and an AD degree would result in better career retention. There are other factors that could result in the increase in job satisfaction and career retention. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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