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Legal Issues in Education - Essay Example

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It involves the care that patients get away from the doctor. A nurse, therefore, has more interaction with the patient allowing them to understand what the patient is experiencing. The nurse is, therefore, a very important…
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Legal Issues in Education
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Download file to see previous pages It also includes the infrastructure contributing to the mission of educational institutions (Aby & Kuhn, 2000). It is, therefore, important that institutions uphold this freedom and protect it at all costs.
Academic freedom entails a number of liberties. The university lectures, for example, have security of tenure. This means that they have the freedom to teach their students as they best deem right provided that they do not go beyond ethical boundaries. It also means that they have the freedom to express their thoughts, as well as, seek to undertake research in any field without interference from the university leadership (Andreatta, 2012).
In addition, the freedom gives student the freedom to choose what to study in college. This means that the students are not barred from choosing what they can study. The Civil Rights Act and the bill of rights, for example, protect this freedom (Andreatta, 2012). The students also have no cause to be troubled by the university dictating on what they wish to study. They have unions that uphold their rights and interests.
Nursing education can be looked at from two angles. It can be analyzed from the standpoint of the teacher or educator and from the angle of the student. For the purpose of this article, both the student angle as well as the teacher’s angle will be the focal point. On the side of the student, the academic freedom implies that the students’ interests’ are placed in consideration when the curriculum is being developed (Iwasiw, Goldenberg & Andrusyszyn, 2009).
According to Iwasiw et al (2009), the freedom would allow the nursing faculty members to determine the curriculum. This, however, must be evaluated by a team of competent people who have experience in the field. Giving the faculty members’ unlimited freedom would make them teach substandard education or out of date information. With due respect to this, nursing education curriculum is a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Legal Issues in Education Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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