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Areas of Legal Liability for Advanced Practice Nurses - Essay Example

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Advanced practice nurse is nursing professional having clinical and didactic education, necessary skills and knowledge, and scope of practice in nursing. Seven areas of potential liability for the advanced practice nurse are listed and discussed below along with possible…
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Areas of Legal Liability for Advanced Practice Nurses
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Download file to see previous pages The failures to follow standards of care may include failure to institute a protocol or failure to use proper procedure for a particular skill. Under such circumstances, nurses are liable for damages caused as a result of their failure to implement proper actions. Hence, management should be ready to take necessary actions against nurses who violated proper standards of care. Such a response may assist the management to limit the liability for managers and the facility.
Failure to use equipment responsibly falls under the category of direct breach of care, standards and it can be more easily proved. If a nurse deploys a clinical equipment for any use other than it was actually intended, he/she is liable to face legal consequences. In addition, it is observed that nurses often use equipments that they have not been adequately trained to use. If the misuse of the equipment causes any harm to patients, the nurse is in legal jeopardy. Hence, the management must ensure that they have employed adequate number of skilled and experienced nursing staff to prevent nurses from risking the life of patients. An effective nurse-patient ratio would reduce equipment errors significantly.
In most of the nurse malpractice suits, an element of poor communication between nurse and patient, nurse and physician, or nurse and other healthcare providers is identified. The communication failure cases may include nurses’ failure to communicate all relevant patient data to the physician or discharge information to the patient. In order to avoid such troubles, the management may insist nurses to record all matters concerning patient care appropriately. In addition, it is advisable for the management to establish an effective reporting system in the care facility so that the flow of communication between nurses and other parties would become effective.
In the eyes of law, if a nurse fails to document something appropriately, the court will consider as it ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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