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VARK analysis paper - Essay Example

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Some people may learn fast using visual aids while others may find the use of audio materials or reading and writing the most effective way of learning a new concept. Developed by Neil Fleming and Charles Bonwell, the VARK…
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VARK analysis paper
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Download file to see previous pages It means that the student is able to recall images more than listening to class lectures alone. Aside from the use of proper gestures when teaching, the student learns well if the teacher uses pictures, posters, slides, and diagrams like flow charts or graphs throughout the class discussion (Vark Learn, 2012c).
The student’s preferred learning strategy is totally different when compared to other learning styles. Instead of using pictures, posters, slides, and diagrams like flow charts or graphs, the use of aural learning strategy is more focused on receiving inputs out of hearing. In most cases, students who prefer the use of aural learning strategy learns best each time they attend classes, discussions, and tutorials, participating in group discussion, or using a tape recorder (Vark Learn, 2012d). In case the only available teaching and learning materials is a manuscript or notes, the student should read the text aloud so they can easily recall what they have read.
Students who prefer the use of read/write learning strategy learns better when they read dictionaries, books, journals, notes, essays, and manuals. It is also possible for this group of learners to learn better each time they write down technical terms on a piece of paper or convert diagrams or charts into words (Vark Learn, 2012e). Unlike the use of visual, aural, and read/write, kinesthetic approach in learning is all about learning by doing (Gardner, Jewler, & Barefoot, 2008, p. 44).
Basically, figure I shows the test results after completing the VARK Questionnaire entitled “How Do I Learn Best?” The fact that the VARK Questionnaire results show scores between 10 to 15 strongly suggest that as a learner, the student is very flexible. Regardless of the kind of teaching modality used in class, the VARK test strongly suggest that the student can easily cope with whatever teaching modality the teacher decides to use in class.
The test results strongly suggest that the student ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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VARK Analysis Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words - 1.
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