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A nursing role, professional issue, or scope of practice - Research Paper Example

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Therefore, a nurse is an individual who offers services that are related to health care. In the past, the military personnel and nuns were…
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A nursing role, professional issue, or scope of practice
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Download file to see previous pages It is clearly evident that nursing roles majorly advocate for the care of the general population in terms of health. This paper will discuss the nursing role according to the specifications provided.
Nursing is simply a profession that deals with the care of individuals, communities, and the general population. The main aim of nursing is to ensure that the individual attains optimal health. From a healthcare perspective, nurses can be acknowledged on the basis of the scope of their work and training. According to the American Nurses Association, nursing roles can be classified according to protection, optimization, and promotion of quality health (Adams, Bailey, Anderson, & Docherty, 2011). Some of the most prevalent roles performed by the nurses include mitigation and prevention of illnesses through treatment and diagnosis of human responses. Nursing roles are majorly controlled by the principles of medicine.
Registered nurses have a wide array of basic duties that they perform (Adams, Bailey, Anderson & Docherty, 2011). The most basic duties include educating and treating patients, providing advice to the general public, and educating the public concerning a variety of medical conditions. In addition, the nurses are also liable for recording patients’ symptoms and medical precedents, performing tests, and analyzing diagnostic results, administering medication, operating medical machinery, and carrying out follow-ups for the patients.
Nurses engage in a wide spectrum of activities. Therefore, they have expanded roles (Adams, Bailey, Anderson & Docherty, 2011). Nurses can be identified as caregivers, teachers, counselors, researchers, and client advocates. This asserts that nurses are capable of initiating several roles in their career life. Research shows that nurses are responsible for schooling the public concerning the management of certain illnesses. They ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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