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Qualitative critique on nurse attrition - Research Paper Example

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The article is based on research about the factors that influence the Registered Nurses (RNs) to leave their clinical practice after a short while and opt to practice other careers. The critiques are based on the research methodology used in the study.
According to statistics…
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Qualitative research critique on nurse attrition
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Extract of sample "Qualitative critique on nurse attrition"

Download file to see previous pages With these statistics and proof in mind, the factors that cause these are necessary to be identified in order to prevent the shift which sooner or later will be problematic (MacKusick & Minick, 2010).
Physical exhaustion was bound to take place. Having to recommend someone else may also provide psychological risks because the subject may not have wanted any contact with former employees and the interview questions were many and too demanding.
The researchers of this research article are both PhD holders and associate professors who teach nursing in renowned universities. MacKusick is from Clayton State University while Minick is from Georgia State University.
The participants in this study were briefed about the purpose of the study and before they signed the consent forms to agree they were guaranteed anonymity. They were informed that it was voluntary and hence could leave anytime they wanted to. The best protection was that the participants used pseudonym during the interview and this guaranteed to protect them.
The purpose of this research article was to find out the factors that influence the RN’s decisions to leave the field of clinical practice. The article however ends up not directly finding these reasons but having to seek their perceptions and then deduce from there the factors.
No directly related information about the perception of RN’s was found and therefore the literature review search had to take a longer route to find most of the information about RN’s and clinical practice and this was in the psychological and sociological databases. The conclusion therefore is that there is missing gap of knowledge in this area of RN’s and their perceptions about clinical practice.
The research question was “what is the experience of RNs who leave clinical nursing?” It is not concise because the information to be collected through this question will not be in line with the purpose of the study and hence more concise ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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