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Evidenc-based practice: should nurses provide complementary and alternative medicine along with traditional medicine for patients with low back pain - Research Paper Example

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Back pain refers to a problem in the human body that is the source of pain and distress to the person due to affected flexibility, strength and stability of the back muscles. An average of 70% of adults in the United States suffer from this condition. The condition may range…
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Evidenc-based practice: should nurses provide complementary and alternative medicine along with traditional medicine for patients with low back pain
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Extract of sample "Evidenc-based practice: should nurses provide complementary and alternative medicine along with traditional medicine for patients with low back pain"

Download file to see previous pages Treatment of back pain has been in contention due to the various methods of treatment available to the patient. Complementary, traditional, conventional and alternative medicines have been used to treat patients with lower back pains, and each method has provided a substantial percentage of effectiveness. The question thus arises, whether nurses should provide complementary and alternative medicines for patients using traditional medicines. Mixing treatment methods can be positive or negative depending on the effect the methods have on the patient (Dworkin et al, 2011).
Nurses should continue providing alternative and complementary medicine to patients using traditional medicines to cure their back pains. For a patient suffering, from prolonged spells of back pains, the use of different methods can be used to manage the pain. Traditional methods of treating back pain include the Chinese acupuncture, which involves piercing the pressure points in the body to relieve pain and facilitate the flow of energy. Using a combination of methods to treat back pain can enhance the rate of recovery for a patient (Moritz et al, 2011).
Using a combination of traditional and alternative medicines enables the patient to recover over a shorter period and achieve long-term results. The patient recovers from recurring back pains through using a combination of traditional with complementary methods of treatment. Traditional methods for managing back pain for patients enhance the effects of complementary and alternative medicines. The patient’s body recovers well under the effect of traditional medicines. This is attributed to the fact that traditional medicines reduce the pain felt by the patient. The patient, thus, spends less time disturbing the joint that used to hurt, allowing recovery of the damaged tissue.
Traditional medicines such as acupuncture have more uses to the patient other than relieving back pains. The method of lower back treatment ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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