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Therapeutic encounter exercise with reflective piece - Essay Example

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Therapeutic encounter allows the patient to emotionally and physically cope-up with his situation and the nurses and other health practitioners can assist the patient to be independent via the Orem model of therapeutic encounter. Certain rules and recommendations are given by…
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Therapeutic encounter exercise with reflective piece
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Download file to see previous pages Despite of that, the patient shows strong long-term memory and upper body. He is sociable and is partially-independent. With his current state, the barriers, goals and facilitators were discussed as his findings had shown. The goal of the nurse is to assist the patient to become independent as much as possible with support and care that he needs especially for the tasks that he cannot perform.
Therapeutic encounter involves the life-changing perceptions of the client towards himself with the assistance of health practitioner who regularly reflects and makes great influence to the client (Pickhardt, 2011, paragraph 7). The practice is related to helping the client cope up with his situation and changing his perspective in life for the better. With that in mind, empathy becomes an important factor in therapeutic encounter which is known as a “cognitive attribute that involves an understanding of experiences, concerns and perspectives of the patient, combined with a capacity to communicate this understanding,” (Convingtonn, 2003 as seen in Rakel 2011). The existence of empathy then creates a bond that allows the health practitioner to assist to connect and to help the patient in the process of healing.
For the case of the study, the therapeutic encounter was linked to Orem approach which is a model that allows the nurse to assist the patient with self-care. The patient slowly learned how to take care of himself through the guidance of the nurse instead of the nurse doing everything for the patient (Pearson, Vaughan, and Fitzgerald, 1996, p. 5). Enhancing the capabilities of the patient to take care of himself would render him to be self-sufficient in some ways. The following information is divided into four sections: findings, facilitators and barriers as well as one main nursing goal with thorough discussion for each.
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