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Critique of Articles - Research Paper Example

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The theoretical framework that has been considered in this research paper is that there is close relationship between intradialytic blood pressure profiles and all-cause mortality, however, its pathophysiology remains unidentified.
The sample size: For the study the size of…
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Critique of Research Articles
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Download file to see previous pages Chavers, B.M., Solid, C.A., Daniels, F.X., Chen, S., Collins, A.J., Frankenfield, D.L., & Herzog, C. A. (2009). Hypertension in Pediatric Long term Hemodialysis Patients in the United States. American Society of Nephrology, 1363-1369.
Sample Characteristics: For the USRDS CMS ESRD CPM special study, BP measurements were attained for the complete population of the US of pediatric long-term hemodialysis patients getting therapy during the fourth quarter of 2001. In other words, the researchers have been capable of adequately defining the samples.
The theoretical framework that has been considered for the purpose of this study is that most of the clinical issues faced by the patients having haemodialysis are mainly related to their incapability to eat proper foods and restrict their fluid intake.
Experimental research design has been used in this study. It can be stated that the research design that has been used is appropriate for such kind of studies. The study was randomized trial in which two teaching programs had been implemented such as video education and oral education.
The sample size for this study has been sixty-three patients who have haemodialysis. Therefore, it can be stated that the sample population has been adequately described. The sample size is adequate for this kind of study and can adequately help to achieve the research objective. Sampling Method: The sampling method that has been used for this study is random sampling method.
It has been found that the analyses have been successful at addressing each research question. The study makes use of linear mixed model. The study has tried to avoid Type I and Type II error. The slope related to intradialytic BP over dialysis was deliberated by the log of BP degenerated over time. By utilizing a linear mixed model, the slopes between control as well as ultrafiltration groups present at baseline and over a period of times were compared. The effect of dry weight ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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