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I have always been very interested in learning about the various aspects of health care management. This course on health care finance gave me the much needed perspective to understand the current health care scenario and the challenges that it faces from the financial perspective…
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Reflective Essay on Health Care Management
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Running head: SELF REFLECTIVE ESSAY Self Reflective Essay First Middle initial and of BHS427 Health Care Finance June 20, 2011 I have always been very interested in learning about the various aspects of health care management. This course on health care finance gave me the much needed perspective to understand the current health care scenario and the challenges that it faces from the financial perspective. As the course progressed I realized that health care finance is very important and relevant with respect to the current health care scenario of rising health care cost and the demand of health care services. The case studies that were analyzed in class gave me an opportunity to learn about the various economic, political and social factors that influence decision making in the field of health care. It gave me an understanding of the various opportunities and dilemmas that health care managers face and I now appreciate the work that goes into ensuring that quality care services are provided to the patients. The case studies challenged me to critically think and evaluate each case material by considering the dilemmas posed by each scenario and developing strategies to respond to or resolve these issues. In addition to this, I was also challenged to identify and prioritize competing issues which helped me to develop my problem-solving skills and improved my ability to analyze and reason rigorously especially when it came to scenarios requiring resource allocation in view of political constraints and changing market demands. The module on calculation of Medicare Part A and Part B reimbursement helped me to understand the intricacies of how the agency scrutinizes individual cases and sanctions reimbursement of health care services. The module on identifying and discussing the issues related to Medicaid reimbursement gave me a clear understanding of the challenges in this area. The session long project that I had to complete during this course helped me to integrate and apply the concepts that I learned from each of the modules in this course. I found this aspect of the course especially challenging but at the end of the project I was convinced that it had helped me to apply the knowledge that I gained in the class. This practical application of concepts that I had learned in class was very enlightening and helped to sharpen my critical thinking and application skills. My favorite part of the course was the threaded discussions in which I was able to engage in discussions with other students on various topics that were presented to us. I was amazed at the various perspectives on a subject that students brought forward as we analyzed and studied each topic. This has given me an understanding of thinking outside the box and being open to non-traditional solutions to a problem. Overall, I feel that the modules covered in this course were very informative and challenging. It gave me a comprehensive overview of the various principles and concepts of health care finance and was very informative in gaining knowledge about the current issues in the field of health care finance. The case studies and session long project helped me to gain a thorough knowledge about various aspects of health care finance. I found the course to be very intensive that achieved all the learning objectives that were stated at the beginning of the course. Read More
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