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The Features Of The Education Of Children With Autism - Essay Example

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Differential Reinforcement of Other behavior intervention is very good at dealing with autistics who struggle with controlling repetitive behaviors. The paper "The Features Of The Education Of Children With Autism" discusses the benefits and disadvantages of the treatment of children with DRO…
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The Features Of The Education Of Children With Autism
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Download file to see previous pages When playing or cooperating with others, he imagines goals and objectives differently, and one of the few ways that he is mean or uncooperative with his fellow classmates is when he views them as “stupid” because they don't share his perspective on the game or its objectives. He is very rational in some ways, struggling to understand how others make emotionally motivated or social decisions.
Adam B. does very well in art, geometry, science, and math getting As and Bs very easily and wondering why others find it so hard. He fails to understand how they can be doing badly at these tasks. Meanwhile, he struggles to get above a C in history, English, and other classes, though he has managed to keep his grades high. The material does not resonate with him, and he finds it very hard to do anything besides keeping dates and places straight: He finds it difficult to understand motivations in stories and history. He is competent in music but he doesn't understand what others experience when they listen to it: He views music exclusively as a way to calm him and doesn't like the noise. In physical education, he is poorly coordinated but very strong and doesn't know how to coordinate his own strength. He is larger than most of his classmates, being in the 80th percentile of height.
His social strengths are that he is very nice, helpful to others, and tries to greet others warmly. His academic strengths are in rational, logical, ordered tasks that do not involve understanding motivations or theories.
However, he gets very impatient with others. He struggles to make eye contact, and when he is nervous, he does repetitive behaviors that distance him from others: He mutters a nonsense language under his breath and plays with his fingers, tapping them against each other and shaking them rhythmically. He acts up when there is too much noise or activity, and finds it hard to play with others when they are being too loud. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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