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Musical Jersey Boys Production analysis paper - Assignment Example

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The four musicians started their career while singing on the street corners of Northern New Jersey’s housing projects. They rose to start singing on national televisions when their songs started hitting…
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Musical Jersey Boys Production analysis paper
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Download file to see previous pages When the group started, their story emerged as four stories. Each story represented one of their career season told by different members of the group.
Their earliest beginnings occurred during spring. They harmonized this on a balmy evening under a street lamp. According to the group, the zenith of success is during the season of summer. The beginning of autumn is when their fortunes take a toll because the marriages and lives of the members of the group begin to unravel. According to the group, the winter season comes with a lot of reflection, sorrow, and solitude.
There is, however, a wide variation when the recollection of individual members of the group is done with their historys broad outlines. It is from these members conflicting memories, torque and tension that the bounce of their music originates and thus revving their music further and thereby giving the group a momentum that is irresistible.
The story of Jersey Boys occurs within a four seasons symbolic year though their stories cover a period of several decades in the life of the group. The group started their career in mid-1950s. It is when the rock and roll phenomenon metamorphosised into a lounge music and propriety staid era. It opened the doors and also vented the rebellion and the life force of a large new generation. The first two members of Jersey Boys Valli and Elvis recorded their first albums in 1953 and after that displayed staying unusual power. The Four Seasons hit the pop charts forty times in the 1960s, something unusual because most bands could have disintegrated. The strength of the four seasons was demonstrated when the group remained together under the onslaught of the added pressures of the Vietnam War, famous Rolling Stones to the American shores and the British invasion that brought the Beatles. It managed to bring the famous groups like the Boomers innocence, but the Four Seasons stayed and regrouped where Gaudio and Valli partnered and sealed the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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