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Special Project: You should the association of music or musical concepts within the context of your major course of study. For instance, education majors may wish to explore the practice or history of music in the classroom. Business majors ma - Research Paper Example

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Healing sounds have been instrumental in medical practice since ancient times. Music has had no limit in all fields of medicine as it was believed to have curative powers. Nowadays, music has been acknowledged to…
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Special Project: You should research the association of music or musical concepts within the context of your major course of study. For instance, education majors may wish to explore the practice or history of music in the classroom. Business majors ma
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"Special Project: You should the association of music or musical concepts within the context of your major course of study. For instance, education majors may wish to explore the practice or history of music in the classroom. Business majors ma"

Download file to see previous pages This was found in symbiosis of song, poetry, voices and music as well as instruments. Greeks believed that music influenced different conducts and behaviors. Pieces that used various musical scales had various psychological effects and where highly valued in ancient times. Furthermore, the humoral theory of medicine which argued that human health was defined by balance of body fluids, greatly influenced effects of music (Lippi, Sarsina & D’Elios 139). There were many theories which explained how various body fluids influenced human health and how music therapy could be used to correct them. For instance, melancholy could be cured by listening to some type of melodies. This way music was believed to restore balance between the soul and all its faculties.
In the 18th century, the study of music intensified and led to various conclusions about the effect of music on people and how it is influenced by different pathologies. Vitalistic theories were the most pronounced as far as relationship between music and medicine was concerned (Lippi, Sarsina & D’Elios 140). They led to conclusions that dysfunctions and diseases are caused by blockages, imbalances and fluid downwards flow difficulties. These theories have no scientific grounds but they could work appropriately. The soul was believed to communicate odd impulses which causes functional disorders and could be rectified by listening to the right melodies. In such contexts, music is very vital as it influenced flow of fluid to regain soul’s wellbeing and consequently make regain good health (Stuckey & Nobel 258).
Great scientific achievements in the 20th century resulted to hyper-specialism and increased application of technology (Lippi, Sarsina & D’Elios 138). This ruined doctor-patient relationship and did not succeed in dealing with epidemiological transaction of the 20th century. This saw ineffective and acute diseases ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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