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It describes the demise of a child attacked by a mystic, ghostly being that is known to be Erlkonig or the “alder king”. This poem has been adapted in many musical compositions of various legendary artists…
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Download file to see previous pages “Lost Your Head Blues” is a blues song popularized by Bessie Smith in 1926. It is composed in an AAB format, characteristic for blues songs. This song is written based on a “vaudeville” or solo stage performance, which is very common during the 1920s. The songs talks about painful relationships and difficult circumstances. The song reflects the typical musical taste and genre of the African American population and heritage.
“Lost Your Head Blues” uses only three instruments: piano, vocals, and trumpet. Most blues songs are composed or played using these musical instruments because during the vaudeville times or stage style blues period, these instruments are nearly ubiquitous because of the rise of the ragtime music in the 1920s. The song starts with an introduction of a trumpet with an accompanying piano that combines with the singer’s voice. The trumpet makes some bending of tones and melodic layback. On the other hand, “Erlkonig” is typically sung or played using vocals or piano or both as it was originally adapted, particularly by Franz Schubert. Nevertheless, nowadays, this song is performed in a concerto-style performance with a soloist, usually a soprano, accompanied by a symphony ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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