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World Music Review - Essay Example

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This essay would compare and contrast any similarities and differences among the five musical genres ranging from Mongolian, Gamelan, Appalachian, Indian, and world music fusion…
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World Music Review
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"World Music Review"

Download file to see previous pages This video presents a man playing a horse head fiddle. This instrument is also known as the “Morin Khuur, the instrument most associated with Mongolian traditions and culture. Mor(in) means horse. When Mongolians were entirely a nomadic nation, the horse was almost their only means of transport, as well as mans best friend. Many songs and poems were written extolling the horse.” The music was lovely and distinctly unique. It is of medium tempo which sounds like it is telling a particular story. The pace remains the same all throughout the one minute and 51 seconds on play. The video featuring Balinese Gamelan music which is a lively bamboo ensemble composed of nine drummers. Their instrument is designed in triads with three drummers playing side by side. The first music they played took only 2 minutes and 17 seconds to play. It exemplified a relatively fast tempo music played over and over again. The second music, their bamboo drums were incorporated with songs or chants with dances and only faint background music remains. “For the Balinese, music and dance are an inseparable part of their uniquely Hindu faith within the largely Islamic nation of Indonesia." (Gamelan Tunas Mekar 2009) ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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