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Dramatic Monologues: Prose - Essay Example

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and Mrs. Gray have always dreamt of having a child, who would be the pledge of their enduring and trustful union – the story of their love and marriage resembled those portrayed in the best romantic movies and they carried their precious relationships of mutual support and…
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Dramatic Monologues: Prose
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Download file to see previous pages Only after they were sure that they could insure the best environment for a child, they made a final decision. They had been trying for three years – no success.
Once, 30-years-old Lily woke up in the middle of the night, puzzled by the strange dream – she was in the room packed with mice. So many mice. She didn’t understand what it meant, yet a couple of weeks later, visiting her doctor at the female welfare center, she heard those long-awaited words:
Lily was so proud and happy – and she found out that mice were an auspice of having a baby, a girl. A cute little girl, exactly as she dreamt. She ran cheerfully to her husband’s office, as she wanted to let him know as soon as possible.
And their lives acquired even more sense, their love became even stronger amplified a hundred times by an intimate mutual sense of expectation of something so good, so long-awaited. He started working even harder, and she became crazy about elaborating the design of the room they initially intended for their child and about choosing all those necessary baby things like cute girly clothes, baby carriage, feeding bottles and so on, and so forth.
Lily decided to walk to the art school instead of waiting for a bus – the day was so warm and sunny that she became anxious for some sunbath and fresh air. Holding an ice tea, she was crossing the street, when a car suddenly popped up on the left. It happened so fast.
Sitting here, in this hospital ward, I see all of them trying to cheer me up and looking down awkwardly every time I burst into tears. They know that they are not to blame – these nurses and doctors and friends of mine who come to visit me – yet they feel helpless and sorry. Why, they can’t turn the clock back, and neither can my dear James.
Can it be that losing your baby you lose a precious part of you, of your soul? You haven’t even seen this child outside your womb, yet you look at it ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Dramatic Monologues: Prose Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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