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Coke is good for our health or not-Personal introduction - Essay Example

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Mention the word “Coca-Cola” anywhere in the world and no one will seek Google’s help to be able to know what you are referring to. This is…
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Coke is good for our health or not-Personal introduction
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Download file to see previous pages Nevertheless, I believe that this beverage itself is just but an absolute venom to the human body due to its high level of acidity that it contains.
Moreover, the price of coke are cheaper and thus it can be afforded by most individual regardless of their social statuses. As a matter of fact, I think that in some arid areas and many third world countries it could be easier to find and purchase Coke than assessing clean drinking water. This is because the company has established numerous depots in every corners of the world thus making its consumption level to rise. In addition I have noted that Coke has excessively employed the use of “public relations propaganda” to persuade the consumers from different part of the world that the product is healthy and environmental friendly, something that I find hard to believe in. This is because the Coca-Cola Company has widely been associated with negative environmental and health problems such as diseases water shortages and various coronary disease among others.
Furthermore, I also believe that excessive drinking of Coke could alleviate the chances of getting a heart attack, stroke and other coronary diseases. I say this because my uncle Ted, currently struggling with aortic aneurysms and cardiomyopathy (types of cardiovascular diseases) was advised by his doctor to refrain from the use of Coke and any types of sodas in general. Even though my uncle was for a long time a “Coke addict” he vowed to keep off the poisonous nectar, and it is worth noting that his health is improving significantly. In addition, during a biological academic trip, one of our high school professors mentioned that Coke and other typical sodas can cause calcium loss in the human bones. She explained that Coke contains phosphoric acid and carbon which irritates the stomach therefore making the body to release calcium, an anti-acid, as a healing mechanism. This would consequently lead to the reduction of calcium in blood which has to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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