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Patrol Operations - Essay Example

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The haste has not spared law enforcement operations (Manjoo 1). In numerous ways, technology is changing the role of law enforcement including products available for patrol operations (U.S. Department of Justice 1). One such product is…
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Patrol Operations
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Download file to see previous pages This tool of law enforcement is poised to bring huge results for the interaction between law enforcement and its citizenry.
As aforementioned among the most recent technologies available for security operations are body-worn-cameras (Manjoo 1). Body-worn cameras are small gadgets that are usually attached to the upper body of a security or police officers (Manjoo 1). Law enforcement agencies across nations are increasingly adopting the body-worn cameras. The resolution to adopt the use of body cameras is an addition of the use of dash-attached audio recorder and video cameras, which have been in use. The possible areas of wearing the camera include the head, shoulders neck, or chest. Some of the cameras are also hand held. The cameras are also fitted with microphones and are capable of recording the police officers’ daily work in both audio and picture (Goold 40).
The proponents of usage of body cameras argue that the cameras they can hold police officers accountable for their actions (Manjoo 1). In addition, they can protect the police officers who might false accusation of wrongdoing (Goold 64). The body-cameras could also inspire police or security officers, who would recognize that the cameras are recording their actions, to behave in better and diligent ways (A Primer on Body-Worn Cameras for Law Enforcement).
According to Manjoo (1), in New York City, a citys public advocate reported that outfitting the whole New York Police Department with the body cameras would cost about $33 million. The body cameras mostly cost $200 to $1,000 each depending on the type. However, in 2013, New York City paid $152 million because of claims of misconduct the police. Therefore, if these body cameras could help reduce the cost of those claims, then the gadgets would pay for or buy themselves. Some cameras are designed with enough battery life for a few hours of recording both audio and visual while others can last for as long as 12working hours ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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