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Critical Reflection of writing my Research Action on Why High School Athletics are Important - Essay Example

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I grew up with aspirations of playing a college sport. When I was thirteen, I started playing competitive golf, and eventually became very good. Throughout my high school career, I was…
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Critical Reflection of writing my Research Action Essay on Why High School Athletics are Important
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"Critical Reflection of writing my Research Action on Why High School Athletics are Important"

Download file to see previous pages In my essay, I addressed; how hard it is to be as well as to become a student athlete, and the importance of the student element of being a student athlete is. In addition, I reviewed the criticism from teachers, parents, and other students towards athletes is a problem that is overlooked, also being part of a team is the best way for a student to meet friends in a disciplined, healthy environment.
I wanted to emphasize my topic towards teachers and parents that are against athletics in schools. In my essay, I wanted to prove athletics is beneficial in school, because of how important grades are when trying to become a college athlete as well as competing in games or tournaments. For example, coaches make their players miss games if they have not met the minimum grade requirements set by the institution until the grade is brought up to expectation. In addition, once a student becomes a part of a team, they make everlasting friendships with teammates. Even more influential athletics is a great way for students to stay healthy and be around a safe, positive and constructive atmosphere. When establishing my audience, I wanted to appoint the value of discipline, along with extending on how sports do help with students’ educational and social needs.
As I was writing the essay, I was guided by the stasis theory of conjecture, definition, quality and policy. The theory assisted me in identifying the real concern of teachers and parents against athletics and sports in schools. In the conjecture part, I identified the facts that support and oppose my stance on school sports. These facts formed the basis of my essay and finally guided me on the importance of sports in schools. The definition bit, using the stasis theory, helped me in defining the meaning and importance of sports in schools. This part strengthened my conviction about the contribution athletics and sports have on the life of a student. The quality part of the essay continued to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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